Construction Project Management

Construction Management or Construction Project Management (CPM) is the overall planning, coordination, and control of a project from beginning to completion. CPM is aimed at meeting a client's requirement in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project.

Development phase (Preconstruction phase)


  • Coordination between client, users, consultants, manufacturers, govt. organisations

Contract documents

  • Prepare contract conditions and clauses.
  • Prepare general and technical, material and item specifications.
  • Prepare bill of quantities.
  • Identify limits of responsibilities of each trade contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Establish general requirements for contract compliance.
  • Establish process and mechanism for verifying progress of construction.
  • Establish QAQC (Quality Assurance and Quality Control) program.

Value engineering

  • Provide knowledge of various materials and methods for achieving desired design intents and owners requirements.
  • Provide knowledge of legal limits of various laws and utility requirements for taking maximum benefits during design phase.


  • Provide cost and time estimates for various design schemes and suggest the best alternatives.
  • Prepare detailed cost budget.
Implementation (Construction phase)


  • Selection of qualified trade contractors.
  • Invite tenders from various trade contractors and material suppliers.
  • Receive, analyze bids and recommend to owner for award.

Project schedules and coordination

  • Invite all trade contractors and material suppliers for discussions to prepare time and cost schedules.
  • Prepare time and cost schedule and agree the same with contractors, suppliers.
  • Establish monitoring system for project progress.


  • Maintain a tracking system for current and future activities.
  • Process R.F.I.'s (Request for Information) register and monitor the same.
  • Coordination between all designers, agencies and contractors for changed conditions.

Quality Control

  • Process and get approved shop drawings.
  • Process and approve product specifications.
  • Inspect and test each material for proper compliance of specifications.

Cost Control

  • Identify changes and change conditions and inform all concerned.
  • Evaluate cost impact of changes.
  • Prepare budget and get monthly update and variation report.
  • Monitor cost estimates.

Assistance in execution

  • Giving necessary guideline to all agencies, contractors for complicated works.
  • Periodical technical supervision of the site to guide the site engineers and contractors for interpretation of drawings, specifications and quality of work.
  • To appoint site engineers for the day-to-day supervision on site on behalf of the client.

Design alterations

  • Prepare R.F.I.'s (Request for Information) for any alterations needed due to changed site conditions and/or missing information for approval by Architect.
  • Record on as built drawings all field modifications through all trade contractors and approved changes.
  • Record changes and inform project team.

Claim prevention

  • Prepare and monitor minutes of meetings.
  • Prepare daily reports.
  • Update and monitor weekly / fortnightly progress schedules.
  • Proactively prepare look ahead schedule.

Progress billing

  • Approve monthly progress invoices and advise client for payments.
  • Approve schedule of rates for change/extra items of works.

Pre final inspections

  • Before issuance of substantial completion certificate get inspection done by project designers and publish snag list of items to be completed or modified to meet specifications.
  • on completion of snag list, issue substantial completion certificate.
Post construction phase

Contract closeout / warranties

  • Collect all closeout documents from all contractors and vendors for client's future references.
  • Get all operations and maintenance manuals for all products and equipment.
  • Collect all guarantees and warranties for all requested materials.
  • Arrange training to owners personal for operating equipment through manufacturers / suppliers.

Final inspection

  • On completion of snag list transfer all documents to the client.
  • Approve final bill and advice client for final bill payment and retention against virtual completion.
  • Issue virtual completion certificate.
  • Process for payment of retention at the end of defect liability period.

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