Quality Audit

Quality assurance is important in the engineering and construction industry because of the risk involved in any project. The risk involved in not completing the project on time is high, because many external factors will affect the performance of the project. It is vital that a built-in quality assurance system is developed to avoid any inefficiency that could result in poor quality of products and service being delivered to the Client.

PCSPMPL offers Quality Audit services including but not limited to

  • Independent Review and Quality Monitoring the progress of projects
  • Periodical visits to the site in all stages of project execution
  • Preparation of standard check lists covering various activities and submit the performance report to the client
  • Review test reports on materials that are tested by the Contractor as stated in the individual Contract Documents.
  • Select additional materials on random basis for independent testing.
  • Incorporate results in periodic testing reports and contract monitoring report.
  • Quality of workmanship.
  • Develop and prepare a comprehensive Quality Assurance/Quality Control manual and provide copies to all implementing agencies and update as required.
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